Is html the best programming language to start off in?

Hi guys,

Have very little to zero experience in programming, but really want to develop a skill for it, for developing my career, and just learning something new! Is there a preferred programing language to start off in?

I loved how easy it was to get started on, no IDE’s or compilers to install just go, going to finish 1st lesson through. Thanks in advance.

HTML is a hypertext language, but not a programming language. If you want to get started in html because you want to get started in web development, javascript would be your first programming language, so you probably would wanna learn html and css first before you learn javascript. JAVAscript connects to html/css through the DOM.

In fact without html in web development you have nothing to do. It’s the backbone of the web. Write html correctly, semantically you should read the documentation. This skill should be developed like any other. I would not recommend starting with JavaScript right away, but starting with HTML and CSS.

Just follow the free code camp curriculum, at the end of each section (where it gives you a certification) take a small break and make a few small projects with what you have learned.
then move on to the next section.
Don’t try and skip sections, trust me you will need it.

  • A former beginner who also started here.


Python :snake: is a great programming language
to start with, backed by many :world_map: ! I’m learning to program with it myself, and I think you should to.

— it’s easy to use & understand, often thought of as beginner friendly :smiley:
— it’s a flexible programming language.
— many companies use it, such as Google, NASA :rocket: , Quora, Amazon, Uber Technologies, Netflix, Facebook, Spotify, & IBM.
— it’s used in many areas of computer science, such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, Graphics :art: Programming, & Cyber Security :lock:
— it’s simple fun to use!!

Start Here:

(I wanted to put more links but I’m only allowed two!!)

Have fun!!