Is it necessary to learn html before python/java?

I am new to code and im certain i want to learn data structures/algorithms/java/python… but when i started this curriculum, it said i needed to start at the beginning and directed me to html. Im just curious if i absolutely need to learn this form of code to understand the others or should i move on to my desired field study? TIA

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No, it is not necessary to learn HTML before python or java. HTML is one of the easiest programming language because it is a markup language. It is recommended to be learned first for beginner because how easy and straight forward it is. If you want to learn JavaScript or CSS, you have to learn HTML first, but if you want to learn python or java, you don’t need to learn HTML first.


Thank You. I appreciate you taking the time to help me out.

do you want to do web development?

  • yes: you need HTML
  • no: you don’t need HTML

FreeCodeCamp curriculum is about web development, so it starts with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, before going to newer technologies, still for web development.

If you are not interested in web development and want to learn Java or Python, the freecodecamp curriculum is not the best thing for you.

The Free Code Camp curriculum will include Python in future, but not at this time. You can instead check out the Free Code Camp youtube channel:

Playlist of Python tutorials:

This is one of the various Java tutorials on the youtube channel:

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Thank you. You’ve helped me greatly!

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