Do I need HTML?

I’m going through the curriculum in order as freecodecamp recommends, but I’m not interested in web design. I don’t have any coding experience so I’m wondering if it’s an important foundation that will help or be important for other programming or can I do without?

FCC teaches web development and HTML is a big part of that, but you could also move on to javascript, but even in a job you will be using javascript to interact with html. Without an understanding of html its going to hard for you

Do you have an idea of what job you are trying to get, or want? There are a large number of languages out there to learn. Depending on the job you wouldnt have to worry about javascript or html. However if you want to learn on FCC then html is important


I’m more interested in trying out the Data Analysis, Relational Database, or Quality Assurance courses

If you are new to coding, starting with a bit of HTML is recommended.

Not because you need it, but because it teaches and introduces you to code syntax in a gentle way.

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