Which is better nodejs or php?

i am very confused . what to do/ can any body help me???

it depends on the jobs near you. but PHP is still powered on more websites than Node.js, tho Node is getting there in more modern webapps

thanx for giving me this suggestion

Do you know JavaScript but do not know PHP? Node is better. Do you know PHP but do not know JavaScript? PHP is better. Do you know both of those languages and can make a decision based on what is the best tool for the thing you are currently wanting to build? Are you working on something written in PHP? PHP is better. Are you working on a Node app? Node is better. Are you starting learn Node? Node is better. Are you starting to lean PHP? PHP is better. Etc etc.

If you are just starting out, have not programmed in anything, and are deciding what to learn just pick one, there are a vast amount of resources for both. JS probably has a more active community (here, for example), which is helpful.