Lack of nodeJS jobs in the UK

Sorry if this is not the right place to post this but it seems the most fitting to me.

I have done a fair bit of research about what backend language to learn and I was going to go with nodeJS but it seems like there is no jobs hardly in my area (North east of England) Most web dev job are asking for PHP.

Am I looking in the wrong places or is this just the case in my area.

The ones that do appear seem to be a lot higher paid but i suspect that they would want someone who knows nodeJS and has a lot more experience than myself. Should I just learn PHP for now.

I do work for a web dev company at the moment but development and I do some junior front end tasks as developer is not my role in the company but they only work in PHP and mainly do front end and basic wordpress sites for small businesses. This is making me lean more to PHP as I could get some experience at work hopefully.

where im working at the moment we use nodejs but yes the majority of companies in the uk using PHP

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Well comparing to php nodejs is very new, you could always try freelancer and other websites like it.

Try also to use “javascript fullstack developer” as keywords for your job research… Usually people that look for Nodejs developers expect from them also some knowledge of Javascript and Front End Development…