No jobs here for junior javascript developers - EDIT: Got The JOB Guys!

I have almost completed the front end portion of freecodecamp - i.e. I have learnt html,css , javascript, bootstrap as well as jquery and have started with learning node js and mongodb for the backend…
Looking for a job right now and everyone’s looking for people with 1 year experience.
Anyone know about a junior javascript developer job?? I am looking for jobs and the only ones I find are junior php developer jobs. What does one do??
Any suggestions or advice or job offers are welcome.

sometimes, I kinda think of learning php just to get job experience, but even that will take time and I’d rather get job experience for things like javascript and node which are upcoming rather than php, which is supposed to be going down.

Although on second thoughts - I am not sure if php is on a downward trend at all, since most of the jobs I see are for php developers or wordpress developers, which also require php. So, what does a guy do??
By the way, I am living in kolkata, India and this is the job situation here - at present.
I am not sure though, if there is a possiblity of applying for junior jobs in other countries. I am willing to relocate if that’s possible. I mean are there companies ready to hire a junior developer from another country?? I dont think so, but I could be wrong and would happily relocate if I get a job offer.

here’s a link to my portfolio -


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Hi! Did you try to apply even if not matching all the requirements? For my experience is not such a big deal if you miss some requirements (and in reality it seems that if you match all the requirements, you’re overqualified for the job).
If you want to relocate you may have a look to the Stackoverflow website ( and filter your research to obtain only the employers that offers VISA sponsorship.

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Well, I tried to stick to jobs in which I knew 90% of what’s required.
2 companies contacted me on their own but when they came to know that this would be my first job, they said “No! we are actually looking for someone with minimum 1 year experience.”

I haved applied to a few more jobs in a similar manner and waiting for replies, if any, now.
I looked at stackoverflow and most of them are looking for senior programmers, so I dont think they are going to hire someone with no experience.

Well, you should be close to being able to show a portfolio full of 1 year of experience on these types of projects.


I’m not as far into my journey as you are so I don’t have any personal experience, but I found this article today and thought it might be of interest to you:

Some of the sites listed tell you straight up if they offer remote job opportunities or help with relocation.

In the meantime, while you’re looking for a permanent position, you could try making and selling bootstrap themes, which seem to be in demand, or learn how to make Wordpress themes and plugins. Udemy has free and paid video courses on theme development and on PHP if you decide you want to learn it. Or try Codecademy’s PHP course. Or learn from other free or paid online sources. Whatever you have time for.

Making themes isn’t guaranteed riches, but it helps you gain experience and adds to your portfolio. And from everything I’ve read, the better your portfolio is, the more likely someone is to take a chance on you.

Anyway, best of luck finding a job.


Well, I am not that far into backend section yet. I have just completed the nodeschool and expressworks challenges but havent reached the projects yet.
Have finished the frontend projects though.

I like redsticker’s idea of selling bootstrap themes. or was it wordpress themes you meant? I’ll have to learn to make wordpress themes first and then only can i proceed with that.

I am just confused whether I should go ahead and learn php though, because it will hamper my progress with javascript and node projects and may even confuse me. I mean it’s easy to get confused when you are learning 2 similar things at once.

I like the job sites link you gave. lots of sites that I havent seen before. not sure though if they list jobs in india.

In my country (Chile) is the same, only offers for developers with a degree, 1-3 years of experience in fullstack, java and a long etc. All for the minimum wage or bellow (when the offer is a “practica”/internship) and full-time.

For this reason i think for me the best route is a freelance job and ,like you, i am willing to relocate. My plan is travel to Canada to learn English this year (in my country english is a really valuable skill). Maybe you can apply to a Work and Holiday visa.

your portfolio is good, but the link to github is not working and i always read the advise of have a github account with code to show. Another advantage of github is that you can host webpages (github-pages) and ¿bind? have a custom domain (and i think is better than codepen). .

Sorry for my English, and good luck :slight_smile:


Did you try HasGeek’s job site?

Also, check out this excellent article on becoming a professional web developer:

Good luck!


Omg that article you just posted is ON POINT! Hands down the best software dev article I’ve read so far!

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mirageq, that’s quite a good job site. I havent seen it before. keeps going down though a lot of times.
The article you linked to is very good and I have bookmarked it for future reference too.

Ah, yes erretres. Seems like we are in a similar position.
I dont know but I just feel a little demotivated these days seeing how far I am from
achieving my goal i.e. first developer job.
I’ll have to work a bit more on my experience before I can travel to a different country looking for a job.

I felt that way many times (even today), but i always read this and feel better :

The best way to combat this, I think, is to consciously frame exploring positively. If you notice yourself feeling sad or anxious that something new isn’t going well, try to replace it with gratefulness for the chance to explore. Remind yourself that nothing truly bad is happening; no tigers are eating you.1 Remember that it’s positive-expectation in the long run, even if this time it didn’t work out. Think back to a time you explored and it worked out. Visualize your future self doing all kinds of crazy, fun things you found by taking risks. Maybe award yourself points, and keep a running total. Use whatever kind of trick you use to get your brain to ignore availability and delayed payoffs, so that you can learn to love exploration as much as you should.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” RLS.

Good luck :slight_smile:


got an interview yesterday.
I was a bit nervous. wasnt very confident when answering questions.
They said they could call me to come and work for them for a week - and if they thought I was a good fit I’d get the job.
I agreed to that.
The only thing I didnt like is they said I’d have to sign a contract for 2 years.
The pay is too low so I am just not comfortable signing the contract.
What do you guys think??

Depends if you are desperate to get a job or not. If they wanted you to stay they will agree with some of your terms, otherwise just find another company. The big advantage of being software developer, is that there is a shortage of devs, so don’t let them force you in signing something you are not comfortable with.

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Now the roles are inverted, they have to convince you to work for them.
Two years with a low payment is not worth.
Tell them you can’t sign the contract a least feel comfortable with.
They must show you respect and end with good terms.
There are a lot of crappy jobs that you should avoid.
So good luck with you negotiations.
Aim for a professional growth.

Well, I didnt receive any call from them yet, so i think it’s a no.

I have started learning php using codeacademy as I find there are a lot of php jobs for junior positions here.
The only thing that bothers me is that I better not confuse javascript and php codes and even forget javascript in the process here.

Is it a good idea to learn php as well as continue with the backend challenges at fcc at the same time??

Perhaps, you could try focusing on becoming proficient in JavaScript first, before delving into PHP?

You could even take advice from FCC teacher @QuincyLarson here:
CodeNewbie Podcast Interview - Relevent Part@ 1:11:30 - 1:13:30
@EngineeredTruth Interview - Relevent Part@9:13-10:25

If you got time, I recommend you listen/watch the whole thing. :smile_cat:

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wow! I just received a mail from another company I had applied for frontend position.
I had already given and cleared tests for javascript, html and css
and now, they want me to clear 3 more tests
scss, bootstrap and machine learning.

Now, I already know bootstrap and scss I have heard isn’t too difficult. They will even arrange some classes for me on scss.

all I am bothered about now is the machine learning test. dont know what it is. I have read a few quora threads and machine learning seems to be something very tough.
I am not sure what to do about it.

It has been a very tense few weeks, where I was studying for the test. practicing how to make navbars, carousels, progress bars etc.

Well, when I went to the machine test, there was even an interview before that and then
for the machine test,
I was told to convert an image into a site, a responsive site - and I was given 1 and 1/2 hours to do that.
Well, what makes me unhappy is that after that time was over my site didnt look like the image given.
it was near and I had built a layout exactly like the image, but I ran out of time, and couldnt do the css styling properly. Made a few mistakes too and although it was responsive, there were a few things that I could have improved if I had more time.

Anyways, the test was on the 20th and it’s now the 22nd and I still havent received any reply from them.

I am quite tensed at the moment and dont know what’s going to happen now. Unable to even code as I am waiting for the results.

Btw, how much time do you think you’d take to convert an image into html responsive site??

What do you think, am I going to get this job??


Only 2 days have passed, don’t despair yet! It can take 1-2 weeks till they get back to you. There are a lot of candidates. Its summer so a lot of summer vacations are going on now. The developers that are evaluating your test have also other tasks (is not what they do all day long). Also if the assignment wasn’t perfect it does not mean you failed.

Good luck!

Well!! feels good to hear that.
Hope it all works out properly.
I was quite disheartened at the moment, when I was unable to complete the site in 1 and 1/2 hours.