Advice on getting a job

Ok. I am about a third of the way through FreeCodeCamp and I understand that I will only learn front in development. Is that enough to land a junior developer job, or should I learn back-end as well. I have plenty of time, so, if I can make a better salary and I would be more marketable, I would go ahead and learn back end.

Also, my goal is to not work in an office, but at home. Is this possible?

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I thought you were going to give advice on getting a job. Maybe you could change your topic to, ‘Please give me advice for getting a job’.

Other than that, I’d suggest reading the hundreds of topics that give jobs advice and answer similar questions to yours. Search the forum. :slight_smile:

With FCC you can get front and back end skills, and as you might see, many have indeed got jobs with those skills… keep practicing and you’ll get there

You can totally work from home. You just have to get a remote job, or start freelancing and get clients that want a web site or web app. But the usual advice is that it’s better an in person job for your first programming job because you will learn a lot if you work with other more experienced developers.

thanks a lot brother

thanks a lot my friend

I think some back-end knowledge will help. Look into php. I know there are people who go for Node and Mongo, but php is still the most common, and it is often provided even on basic hosting packages. So, if you build and implement an app, it’s not going to cost you a fortune. From what I have read, Wordpress uses php, and look at how popular that is.