Got my first junior developer role, but need some advice from others who started out

HI All,

firstly I’m sort of new here, just never used this site much as I’d hoped, not until I’m learning JS :slight_smile: But I’ve been offered a junior developer role at a local company in the UK.

Firstly, I have a degree, but simple way to put it, I had depression and it set me back, which I didn’t bother coding for a while, not even set a website up.

But since December 2017, I started learning through team tree house, and took the beginner PHP, since then, I have built my own portfolio and a website for a friend using Bootrstap and PHP.

I still feel as if I’m not ready for a Junior Developer role, but I have created notes with everything I have learned within these past 5 months.

When starting out as a Junior, what types of things am I expecting to do?

Help a fellow coder out :), would love to hear from you all.

BladeDev (Y)

So you were offered a job, but they did not tell you and/or you did not ask what you would be doing?

it’s an odd description, ore or less PHP stuff, by maintaining their client websites, but I know there is a lot of C # used to.

Why not send the hiring manager an email and ask for more detailed information? Tell the manager you want to make sure you are best prepared for the position by knowing which stacks they use.

that is a pretty decent idea, I think I’ll reach out to him, thing is, it is done through a recruitment agency, so I will wait for a little longer until I hear back from the CRB check before reaching out :slight_smile:

Hey, also don’t forget that you will learn a lot of stuff on the job. Don’t let a huge list of job requirements discourage you.

thanks very much for the advice, again yeah a lot of people said that I will learn a heck of a lot on the job, by doing things least its a faster way to upskill. :slight_smile: