Advice at current first job

So I landed my first web development job about 5 months ago and have been struggling to actually on the job of time I have been given.

I have been programming on the side for about 3 years now and completed a coding bootcamp which was full stack Javascript. I would say I am decent at programming and have a pretty good concept on programming but here is my problem.

Current job hired me to be a front end web developer but now has me learning Sitecore, ASP.NET and in a windows environment and stack. I have been programming on MacOS since the beginning and seem to not be familiar with windows architecture and on top of that ASP.NET and Sitecore. To top it all I am also the only developer with no one to help or guide me.

This role seems to be a lot to handle for a junior developer and feels like all my skills and experience are gone since I am in a completely new environment.

Any advice on steps to take with the company to improve or is my only option to leave the company and find a more supportive and skill appropriate job?

Hi, if your position is as “junior”, you should have someone that supervise your job, and that person should give you the support that you need, if the answer it is not in google, etc.

A junior can’t go alone inside a company.

Sorry if my english is wrong.

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Are you expected to produce anything while you learn, or is it just learning full-time?