Received my first offer but need guidance

Hi guys - just received my first job offer and am looking for some advice.

I’m a bootcamp grad with about 1.5 years of freelance experience, ranging from Wordpress sites to Bootstrap to some Angular/React/NextJS. The position I am getting hired for is a Junior Web Designer, and I worry I might be oddly too qualified. I aced the coding test and it seems this position might be leaning more toward design/content management. I would prefer a Junior Front end dev or software engineer type position.

The offer is for 48k with decent benefits, and I’m hoping there will be room to grow and utilize my skillset I would really appreciate it if y’all would evaluate my portfolio /github and let me know if I might qualify for something better, or if I should just take the offer and get some job experience

Portfolio -
Github -



Hard to say, but I’m not sure how much you’re going to learn banging out WordPress sites. I hope my portfolio looks that good when I’ve been coding 1.5 years!

Hey Alex,

I would start the job and see if it fits your needs.

1.5 years of experience (and your portfolio) lines up with a “Junior” position, in my experience.

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I suggest try the job first…theres nothing to lose!

thanks for the input everybody! I decided to take the job and try and move up from within the company. Times are tough so I should take a sure thing, for now at least. I was able to negotiate up a bit to 50k

I will recommend joining the job to get more experience. Then you are free to search for the desired job.