Applied to a Junior Web developer role somehow got an interview

Hi all, hope you guys are all ok given the current circumstances, I hope to pick your brains so to speak.

Anyway as per the title I applied for a Web developer role last week, they were after either Junior or experienced dev’s all levels were invited to apply.

I thought I’d be cheeky and submit my C.V. with a cover letter asking if they’d take on a a candidate in more of a trainee role, outlined my basic HTML and CSS experience, and that I was currently studying with the Open University to obtain a degree with the field of study going forward in web development.

I mentioned a basic outline of what I’ve studied to date which being in the first year is mostly maths and programming concepts.

Which also being 30 and switching from my previous working roles: military service, mechanical assembly and a short stint in customer service roles it’s a complete new start.

I honestly didn’t expect a reply let alone an interview. I’m now panicking that I won’t have any idea what they will be talking about in the interview.

Any ideas on areas to brush up on? Things il likely be asked?
I hope they actually read my cover letter and know I’m green but still don’t want to look like a complete doughnut going into the interview.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers all

Hey Daniel,

nice to meet you! :wave:

The first interview is mostly about you as a human being and your story. No need to “brush up” or to go frenzy.

I’d have a look at the bigger picture, e.g.:

  • your team mate gives you a small task: What do you do now?
  • your task is not clear: What do you do now?
  • you can’t solve your task: What do you do now?
  • you have an alternative solution: What do you do now?

As a junior dev, one of the best skills to have is: not being in need of a babysitter.

Thank you for the reply and insight.
I didn’t think they would expect to much, having outlined my experience thoroughly.

I just had a arghh what if moment haha.

There has been no mention of a multiple stage interview process as it is for a small company however I am expecting as much.

Ive never had a multiple stage interview process before either so its a new experience. Well other than the Military enrolment which was a completely different beast.

I did mention I’m keen to learn and as I’m studying already, I’m competent at researching and self study.

Quite looking forward to it, but it is with the MD, Hr Manager, and Development Manager, so is quite daunting at the same time.

Update for you guys on the interview, as mentioned had the Managing director, development manager and the HR manager.

Introductions seemed pleasant enough Il run through the main questions.

What do you know about the company:
What has sparked your interest in web development?
Given your limited experience what level are you at?
What do you prefer doing? (referring to front or back-end)
I was asked about my experience with video editing?( which threw me slightly as nowhere on the job description did it ever mention anything relating to the subject, however having dabbled with the old YouTube channel and Sony Vegas pro i was able to actually give a fairly knowledgable answer).
How long is your degree? (They didn’t know how the Open University works).
What’s your 5 year plan?

The questions were from all three interviewers, but there was a few awkward pauses after answers/explanations so hope i didn’t do too bad.

I asked regarding languages being used etc, of which i was informed they were looking at upgrading as the system was quite old. Html, CSS, php, MySQL and JavaScript.

Overall it was done and dusted in 15 minutes. I think personally they was after someone with a lot more experience, able to hit the ground running with no training etc, i was left feeling why interview me when I stated very clearly my level and knowledge.

Especially with a comment on the daily routine outline, “if i was a more experienced candidate” they didn’t really have a outline of what someone my level would be doing.

Il just wait and see what happens, if i hit the 2nd round it will be visiting the site and undergoing tests.

On the flip side I applied to a trainee role for another firm and had a call back within the hour to discuss the role which went great and have a interview fist thing Monday of which the organizer seems a lot more keen. Plan laid out for trainees, will start off as QA for the senior dev’s(anyone shed some light on what this entails in more detail would be appreciated), plenty of training going forward once past the initial stages so I’ll see how that goes.

So i guess well see.

Best brush up on the Html and CSS.

I for one will be very eager to hear how your journey goes! Keep us updated

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Will keep updating as I go, I honestly didn’t expect an interview from either was more trying my luck than anything.

My html experience so far is working through the freecodecamp curriculum up to the product landing page which I’m doing now, we recovered basic Html and created another web page for Uni as part of a module. I’m also working on a webpage for my wife’s business which I hope to have completed by the end of may.

We’ve covered some basic programming fundamentals, which i guess will help to a degree.

Il be continuing with fcc, alongside my Uni studies, of which we’re doing python next.

If I land a role I’d be chuffed, if not il just keep self studying and practising.

Update time.

Well the first company got back to me and as expected I didn’t get the role.

The second company, as mentioned previously I went through the initial call with the managing director, he was fairly keen, after explaining my experience and interest, he went through the ins and outs of the role, what the company does etc touched on salary, training and development.

Then we arranged an interview with himself and the development manager/ co founder for the following week as this was a Friday.

Anyway come Monday on the interview I basically went through my background, a little more into my experience and where I was at HTML and CSS wise. I was honest explained everything I was currently doing study wise and what I wanted to learn in the upcoming months.
I was then given a template to have a go at so they could see my level more clearly any bad habits etc.

Anyway I submitted this the same week had a deadline of two days, which I didn’t complete all of it which they said was absolutely fine as long as I had a go.

I emailed the M.D a week later as I hadn’t heard anything, he apologised for the delay, and would get back to me as soon as possible needed to review my submission with the dev team still, and technical Director and if ok move onto the final interview.

The following week I get a email through scheduling the final interview I thought brilliant.

Again this was going over my background, my motivation for switching career paths, my interest etc more for the T.D. Benefit, we then discussed my submission, went over a few key points and that it looked good, clean, layer out well and something they could work on and train going forward. Mentioned the no bad habits etc again.

Finished up by going through the company training available, basically selling the role as previous.

I was told it they would then go away discuss myself and the other candidate(final two) with the other managers and the dev team and I’d have a decision beginning of this week either way.

I was chuffed to say the least. Just hope what I gave them was enough.

So that was last Thursday, I unfortunately haven’t heard anything yet, I know they are flat out so hope I have a decision next week. I did email the M.D. to check in, just see if they had any updates being polite, looking keen etc but no reply yet.

Soooo we’ll see. Fingers crossed and all that.

Sorry about lack of updates, busy with Uni studies and applying for other roles.

On that note, I didn’t land the role unfortunately, Feedback receive was good the other candidate knew Wordpress and php, whereas ive only used the cms.

Also noted having a nosey on LinkedIn, the other candidate had finished the Code Institute bootcamp and from a post had actually been working with them for the week whereas I was only given a template to do so from my research so far il have a look at doing a bootcamp, since there’s only so far self taught in the current job market will get you. Especially looking at the number of applicants for trainee and junior roles or even the requirements for internships.

Im going to continue with free code camp in the mean time and will consider my options going forward.

Cheers all.