Interview Advice

Hi All,

After what seems like a million applications I have an interview on weds for a Junior Dev Role. They have told me what will happen in the interview, but as my only other web dev interview (15 years ago) was just a simple chat I need a little advice. What sort of things should I prep prior to the interview, and does this question have anything I need to think about (other than my own skills) " Then we’ll look at your experience and go through my standard set of questions with the aim of allowing you to demonstrate your skills and aptitudes. This normally takes about 1 ½ hours."

Thanks in advance!

It varies a fair amount from company to company. For a Jr role, it’s usually going to involve whiteboarding a few things like implementing a linked list, returning an ordered array of the most common letters in a string input, implementing a sort, that kind of thing. There will also probably be some language-specific questions.