Which DB to learn for an aspiring Web Developer?

I am currently into Front End Development so what’s best for me as my path leads me towards Full Stack Development.

  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • MongoDB
  • postgres
  • others

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It would be much better if you included MongoDB. As these 4 are the most popular ones.

EDIT: Well, my vote goes to MySQL. I never used a database nor I have any little experience or knowledge but from my reading about developers’ opinions, it seems that MongoDB has a pretty bad rep unlike the other 2 databases(MySQL and postgres) which seem to be pretty likable and popular.

Learn SQL. It’s not complicated, and it is useful in almost every dev job. The first three all use SQL for querying, so moving between them is pretty simple.

Postgres is the best option in 90% of usecases if you have a choice. Note Mongo has quite specialised usecases (plus a [deservedly, historically] bad reputation when used for real things), though it fits quite neatly with JS apps because of its interface more than anything else.

Postgres is fine, but in my opinion MySQL is a better choice for getting a job in any software development field.

I think it is not that hard to learn how to use it, so I would choose MySQL.

Yup, that’s reasonable: MySQL (or MariaDB) is going to be the most commonly encountered. I think I’m just used to having Postgres as default; given the choice it’s the best general-purpose solution by quite a long way (most anything you can do in Mongo you can do in Postgres, for example), but generally that choice isn’t there.

SQL is the key skill requested though, and makes working with any RDB pretty simple.

Oh, also maybe add Redis to the list @IAmRC1 (or at least have a read up on it - it’s a very simple thing that turns out to be useful), it’s incredibly common: I’ve never worked anywhere that didn’t use it in some capacity.