Is getting a wordpress job a good idea? Or should I go straight for a full-stack developer job?

Hi! I’m 28 years old. I have been learning to code for a month now. My goal is to get a JavaScript or react developer job.
I’m familiar with HTML, CSS, basic JavaScript. But I know I’m not going to get a JavaScript or react job soon. I used to work in restaurants and construction. So I have nothing on my resume about coding. I don’t know anybody does coding, so I have no connection or networking at all.
I was thinking about getting a WordPress job while I’m learning everything I need to get the job I really want. Is it a good idea? Or should I just focus on learning and go straight for the job I want? (I do have savings, so I can support myself if I choose the learning way.)

Hey there,

good question.

I think doing some Wordpress jobs can be helpful to learn more skills.
Most of the job skills are not related to a specific language.

If you do the Wordpress jobs, I would use it to learn:

  • Git
  • Project Management
  • Communication