Is github an option?

Hello everyone! I have one question about personal portfolio. I have just finished coding it (some texts are missing) but i did it on my pc and pushed it on github. I see that in the assignment we have to do it in codepen… the question is, can i post github address cause codepen does not support external fonts (or i dont know how to do it)? For example i used some icons from fontawesome, and they are not loading at all.

Codepen imports awesome fonts and bootstrap automaticly . You have to change the file to make it run on browser.
In codepen you run just the body part , you have to add
html tag
head tag

Importing bootstrap and awesome
add “<” to “link rel=” cause it counted it as html code

link rel=“stylesheet” href=“”>
link rel=“stylesheet” href=“”>

inside head tag

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You can use anything you want as long as the code and a live version are publicly available.

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hmmm… something is not working. can you take a look?



there are still some placeholders but i will take care of that tomorrow.