Is it against the copyright law if I translate and post on my blog?

Hello, I am studying through freeCodeCamp with my friends in Korea.
Since my friends are not good at English, I am planning to translate the freeCodeCamp lessons in Korean and post it on my blog so that they can refer to their study easily. I won’t get paid from them and there is nothing related commercial aim. I just want to use it as references!
Would it be okay if I post the translated lessons on my public blog?

No, freeCodeCamp uses the CC-BY-SA-4.0 License for the curriculum material.

However, there are some conditions you must meet in order to not break the license agreement.

You can read the entire license agreement, here:

Also, the team would probably be open to translating the materials on the actual website, there’s actually a guide: Guidelines for Translating Free Code Camp into any language

Edit: The “no” was answering your first question. It would be okay to post the translated lessons on your blog, so long as you abide by the license above.

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Welcome, joyact.

Just to clarify what username1001 mentioned:
It is unlikely the main repo will have any more translations, at least for a long time:

Currently, we are only translating the curriculum into Chinese.

We do intend to make the curriculum available in more languages, but we do not have any deadlines for this. We have several operational limits like staff, active contributors and server costs. All these play a role in driving the internationalisation (i18n) efforts.

You are welcome to use the freeCodeCamp content for learning purposes. In the future, who knows, we might be focusing on translating the content to Korean.

Hope this clarifies.

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