Is it difficult, learn coding

Hi im a 38 old newbie , completely blind w coding or web making. Juz user. I have an old brain. Is it difficult to learn, to make an app? I rilly want to make app f my neighborhood. :)(

Hello there Syl,
I would say, from one newbie who might be slightly older to another, it takes a-lot of patience, time, and determination. Everything is possible. It was really easy for me to get discouraged in the beginning because I felt like i wasn’t making the progress i would have liked. I have learned and I am still learning how I learn and it makes it a little easier. I have also learned to gauge my progress on what I have retained and understand other than racing to finish a course because for me, I am always asking myself “What can I do, or create, with what i just learned?” and that is where is see my accomplishments or results from putting in the time to learn. Best of luck.


I don’t think age is the biggest factor you should consider when deciding to take up programming. For me it isn’t important. Persistence, perseverance, patience and the will to learn traits I consider more important in programming. And anyone can cultivate these traits.
You can do it.

There are people a lot older than 38 who have had success learning new technologies, so you should be fine.

Wow. Sound quite tricky, and might consume time. Anyone here, create, practice and test for free?

It completely depends I think, but age doesn’t come into it in my mind. My dad always reminds me he didn’t look at a computer until he was 27 (same age as me) and he is a certified Oracle programmer and technical writer who has worked for some big companies.

I actually don’t find it particularly easy, and to some people it seems to come naturally. All I can say is don’t start unless you feel passionate for it. If your only intention is to build one app and that be that, then in my personal view the time spent learning wouldn’t be worth it.

Firstly, there is a difference between app and web making. If you wanted to create a mobile app, then you can either go down the route of Swift (ios) or Java (android) whilst if you were to create a single page application on the web it will be created with JavaScript.

Ya. A mobile app. Then i better partner w some1 or pay some1 i guess

Thank you so much for those who have repliedd :)) :innocent::pray:

May I suggest that there are plenty of freelance websites online where you can pay someone to complete a set piece of work.