Is it impossible to get developer jobs in Europe / US?

Hi everyone,

Some information about me:

I’m Tien. I’m from Vietnam. I’m self-taught developer. I learned PHP (Laravel & Wordpress) and Javascript (Jquery & Vuejs).

I have worked as a Freelance Developer for about 2 years. I am going to find a offline job in Vietnam to get more experience when working as a team member of big projects. I will work there about 2-3 years then try to get job in other country.

I really really want to get a developer job in Europe or US. So

Is it impossible to get developer jobs in Europe / US ?

If there is any recruiter here, please answer my question and give me some advices.

Thank you.

(Sorry about my grammar. I’m not native english speaker)

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Hey Tien. I’m not a recruiter; however I’ve been looking for work also and wanted to share this site with you. With your skills who knows you may find something. They have remote jobs from all over but mainly US and European companies. These are real well-paying jobs. Your english is quite good. I think you’ll do great

The website is:

Also Automattic (the makers of Wordpress) are hiring. They’re 100% remote as well. Check them out.

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If you are looking for immigration type jobs, that is going to be more difficult. It takes a lot of work and money to sponsor someone for a visa. And they tend to do that for more experienced people. If you do the 2-3 years with a company in Vietnam and get some good experience and put together a great portfolio? With 4-5 years experience, it starts to get possible.

Check out job boards like glassdoor, indeed, stack overflow, etc. Many of them will tell you if the company will do visa sponsorship. It’s a tiny minority, but they do exist.

Get that offline job. Work hard. Learn some new techs. (I might suggest a view library besides Vue - I know people love it, but there aren’t as many jobs for it - React or Angular). Build an amazing portfolio. And take the time to develop your English - it doesn’t have to be perfect, but the better it is … And even in non-English speaking countries, it is often used as a lingua franca in developer positions.


Have you looked at US or European that have offices there that you can get a job at? That could help in the experience area.

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Yep, i know some US or European company have office in my country. Thank u

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please, can I ask as you have worked for two years as freelancer, how you deal with clients if your English is not proficient yet? what if you did not understand some words?
as my English is not proficient yet and I want to work as a freelancer
and many thanks in advance

In my experience there are a lot of opportunites in the UK and Netherlands at the moment, I have interviews coming out my ears.