Is it normal is it Normal?

Hello I was trying to create the react projects in code pen but I see bunch of error in console and warnings is it normal should I keep going or what do I do in order to get rid of them? I haven t even typed anything yet :slight_smile:

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You can ignore the warnings in yellow. But the errors can be important (in red).

You have an image that isn’t loading 404 not found, I’m not sure what the 502 bad gateway is from. It might also be some resource you had locally that no longer works without some changes.

The console can be pretty chatty on live editors. You can filter the console.


the thing is I did not try to load anything yet it is empty

Yes, you can ignore most of the warnings when you are on an online code editor. Errors you need to pay attention, though.

Usually I filter out the warning message from the console of devtools.


Yes you can ignore it

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