Is it only me or...?

Ok, phew. I’ve been working on JavaScript since December of last year through FCC and also Udacity and I just feel like I am having the worst time with it. I have no other programming experience so I get that it’s a learning curve and it’s going to be difficult to get use to. But here’s the thing, I’m learning it step by step and doing practice and quizzes and seem to grasp every section as I’m learning it and it all makes sense as I’m learning and practicing but when it comes time to start a project from scratch, I just have no idea where to start and how all the pieces connect to complete the project. It’s been sooo frustrating and I’ve tried to power through and not give up but I just want to know if anyone else feels the same way or if anyone has any advice? Thanks!

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Hey, I feel that way some times. To make the projects easier write out in pseudo code how you would solve the problem logically without any code for example, run through the problem and write step how you would solve it then start coding. I can show you try to show you how if you reply with a sample project how I would run through the process and maybe it will help.

Hey! Thanks, I will definitely try that because sometimes I just stare blankly at the screen being completely overwhelmed lol. Well, I haven’t started it yet but it’s a pixel art project that I have to complete where it makes a table grid depending on user input and whenever they click the grid it’s supposed to change color so it’s a lot more jQuery. But I’ll try that and just kind of take it one step at a time!

It happens to me as well. I think it will always happen every now and then. When I get stuck, if I wait until the next day it usually helps.

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I think lots of people faced same issue, my experience is to try practicing analytical thinking with decomposing things on simpler components, also algorithm scripting challenges here was very, very helpful to me to practice this kind of thinking. Try hard and you will learn to think analytical.

One more experience is when you stuck with something getting your head cool down is very useful.


this is so familiar to me!
after you’ll finish few projects from scratch, you’ll get this kind of motivation: “to do something from start to finish by yourself”. It’s like this: there was nothing, empty screen, but you’ve created it – not edited someone else’s code, not made part of it, but you actually have created the whole thing) this is so cool!

but to start feeling it you have to go through the first ones. It is easier when you understand the nature of frustration - is an unavoidable part of process. If you have it – good, that means you’ve got a problem, you’ll solve it and this is how you’re making progress. If you don’t feel it for a long time, it is possible that all you’ve been doing lately was too easy for you, no challenges.

If frustration is too strong – take a break :cherries: good luck!

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