Is it possible to make an iPhone game... on an iPhone?

Sorry in advance if this is a dumb question, but I’m simply looking to see if there is a way to make and/or code a game on an actual iPhone. I don’t care if it’s a true code editor (although I doubt it considering there are too many moving parts) or if it’s one of those pre-made “game-in-a-box” style situations, but is there any app or web app that allows you to make a game while on an iPhone?

If it matters, I’m asking because I do code on a computer whenever I’m at one, but I’m out of pocket much of the time and would like to tinker with game development there. Thanks in advance!

There is an app on the App Store called “Code Editor by Panic” it was called just “Coda” a few years back, but anyway, you can use it to code in a variety of languages. I’ve been using it off and on since 2015. It’s great on the go. Hope this helps.

There are some parts of game development you can 100% do on your phone. Other parts might not be as easy or just not possible. Something like building complex 3D entities probably isn’t possible on a phone due to spec and software limitations.

Something like coding on a phone is very possible a number of ways. Obviously typing is annoying, but assuming you have a bluetooth keyboard, or just don’t care about typing, then you can go from a plain-text editor all the way to SSHing into a remote server, and using VIM inside of a full development environment using whatever tooling you want.

There isn’t 1 magical app that can allow you to do anything, but being able to connect to a remote system using SSH and using it as your dev environment gets you pretty close.

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