Is it true that a 48 year old self taught programmer most likely will not get a chance to get hired for a Junior Dev position?

I just turned 48 and to my detriment i realized i could have become a programmer years ago…
Always thought that this is a field of academic studies and had no idea about the self taught path that can lead to landing a job.
Many times during at least the last decade have caught my self saying “if i could go to the university…i would become a computer scientist” as i am fascinated with the advances of technology in this field.
I have already started completing tasks in the Curriculum…but despite some very few success stories of people around my age i realized that becoming a programmer might be not that hard …but getting a job might be a pipe dream…as people of my age are about 15% of the industry and if not retired they move on to management positions even from their early 40’s.
I’ve been always tech savvy and a Lifelong Learner due to my main occupation so far…as a DJ and electronic music producer and have a very close relationship with computers since the 80’s and became even deeper at mid '00’s when i started learning how to produce.
So far through the curriculum i feel i get it… and i love solving problems and i am able to advance without any particular help…so i believe i can do well in the field of programming and i might be able to get at a job ready level in a few months.

But i am really disheartened from the reality of the industry and the fact that i might not be able to get in because of my age.
I am aware of the freelancer field …but after almost 28 years as an artist i really need some stability of income and i really prefer a secure job.

So please if you have some words of encouragement coming from real life examples i would very much appreciate it if you can share them with me !

I am from Greece and English is my second language…so please keep that in mind when reading this if you see any mistakes on some expressions…also i have no idea about the industry in my country…but i am mostly looking forward to a remote job if possible.
Thanks in advance,


Your age shouldn’t be a barrier (it might, unfortunately not every recruiter is capable of recognising their internal bias), but definitely won’t completely preclude you from getting into the industry.

I’ve worked with folk from all different age groups and walks of life. And you’ve got a bonus:

This gives you a perspective someone who took the traditional path might not have. And I bet it will prove a source of inspiration for some really cool projects to show off all the skills you’re learning. :purple_heart:


Thank you so much for your kind reply !
I am aware that my music production and Dj background might be a bonus even though i took the self teaching route at it as well…also have worked at various jobs alongside my music journey and have a ton of soft skills and experience to incorporate into programming.
I am only taking my first steps into the programming world and i was more determined until i found out about the age thing…
Now i am going through a phase of insecurity but will keep on working at it and see how far i can go and what lies ahead.
Thank you once again for your reply and encouragement !

You got this! I can’t wait to see how far you go!

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Thank you !
You just put a smile on my face …
Let’s see !!!
Wishing you all the best at your journey !


Hello and welcome to FCC Forum, a community of people helping each other!

Just a quick question for you:

Have you watched the Podcast The Story of freeCodeCamp?

If not, you may find some great inspiration from it.
It is an amazing story of the founder, Quincy Larsen, and (not giving anymore away, here)
Age does not matter, if you are determined and passionate to reach a goal.

That is the link to the podcast, if you are wanting more inspiration.

Happy coding! :slight_smile:


Being an Indian, who has worked in IT for last 2+ decades both here, EU and US; I can share my experiences

  1. In India, you will NOT get a job as a junior developer as majority of the companies ( HR, hiring managers ) has got fixed mind set

  2. But in US and EU; they don’t care about your age, background, experience etc

As of today there are plenty of freelancing opportunities and you can work from anywhere in the world.

So stop worrying and if you love to code; just learn, build projects and start applying.

I highly recommend you to watch this video few times

All the very best


Thank you for the warm welcome to the community :slight_smile:
Also thanks a lot for the link ! I didn’t knew the whole story of Quincy Larsen and how he founded FCC…even though i 've read a few things about him !
It’s really interesting and i am quite exited about the future of FCC…
So far, i am more than thrilled for joining in and really happy with my progress …never thought my age is a problem at learning …the only problem i see down the line is getting hired…but i’ll worry about that when the time comes.
Now i’ll just enjoy learning !

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Thank you for your response vikramvi !
Really sad to read this about India…but reading about the rest gives me hope :slight_smile:
I had in mind to mostly go after a stable job (at least for some time) because i come from a background of a very long time of insecurity as a (literally starving) artist…
But for sure i will consider all the options when i am ready to “go out there” !
Thank you so much for the video…the message is really strong .

Also this channel is very interesting overall…lot’s of good and helpful content gathered in one place …!!
All the best to you too !!

Hi, so i know a personal friend who at 39 years old decided to switch careers. He was a Captain on a ship, absolutely zero knowledge about programming, married with kids. He decided to stay 1 year at tome, focused on learning React and within 1 year landed his first job as a junior developer, so around 40 years age.

Fast forward 5 years later, he’s 44 years old now earning 5,000 EURO/month as a senior developer. He never completed any formal education in computer science or a technical field for that matter.

I have also heard from a friend of a friend that he knows software developers who were english majors before that without taking any tech related degrees.

So my point is, i don’t know about the 48 years age, but definitely have personally seen others with a little less age do it. But from seeing the replies above me, i think you can definitely do it! If @Life.Blessed says you can, then just go for it :kissing_closed_eyes:

If you need any inspiration or want to code together with me, feel free to message me and we can do this together :rocket:


Western EU, especially Germany is great for joining IT industry, with loads of startups as well small agencies you should be able to get jr engineer / intern with decent salary of 25 - 40K Euro in tier 1 / 2 cities.

All the very best with your new career and don’t hesitate to ask any further questions


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