Is it worth learning graphQL?

What’s everyone’s thoughts on learning graphQL after the free code camp curriculum?

It’s definitely worth a learn, at least writing queries anyway. Things like Gatsby run on GraphQL, with data coming from a surprising variety of sources. For example, all the challenges in the FCC curriculum are written in markdown format, and GraphQL is used to restructure those files into the challenge pages you see.

I’m sure others can come up with some other interesting real-world applications of GraphQL – I’ve only started scratching the surface of it myself.

I would, personally. It is quickly becoming the de facto standard for API’s, replacing REST.

Here are the figures from ITJobsWatch:

REST is the 85th most common technology in job ads, appearing in 3.49% of job ads.

GraphQL is the 729th most common technology, appearing in 0.27% of IT jobs ads.

I would be curious to see some numbers on how many new projects are started with REST vs GraphQL.

really helpful replies - thanks everyone. I’ve actually just started a freelancing project which will be use a node-Apollo server and it’s been super interesting.