Is my code readable?

Hey guys,
I’ve just competed Javascript Calculator Project which is part of Front end development course, the app is working fine it has passed all the test cases, but the code I wrote is just a working solution and I feel that it is so messy and not readable.
I’ve seen other ppls code and it is so readable and clean. So, plz review my code once and tell me that, is it readable or not. If not then plz give me some tips on How to write clean and readable code…

Here’s my app, Check it out

It is readable .
Everything looks good
But what if we typed a wrong no .then we have to delete that one no. Then how to do that because in this there is only option to clean up everything…
Please check it.

Thank u

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It looks good @rohitdhas666. Something to revisit;

  • There’s no keyboard accessibility. You took that away. What if the only way a user has to interact is through the keyboard?
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@fccdf506469-12af-40d, I don’t want to hijack the OP’s topic but what you’ve mentioned is outside the scope of this project.

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