Is my tribute page good enough?

Is my tribute page good enough?
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I leave you the link to my Elon Musk tribute page.

thanks in advance


Good enough…? It’s awesome!


Hi there! Your project is just great! I just wish there were no gap between your jumbotron class and your nav bar. Otherwise great work!


I want the gap but I don’t know why is that big, I made everything with bootstrap so I couldn’t do it better, but I was trying to reduce that gap


There’s a default 2rem margin-bottom on .jumbotron. Try adding something like:

.jumbotron {
    margin-bottom: 1rem;

to your css styles. That will match the spacing between the bottom of the nav bar and the image. Awesome tribute page by the way! I really like the fact you added a menu, I haven’t seen that yet for this specific project.


Thanks, problem solved
like I said I didn’t want to touch css styles before but if this is the only solution I do it.


I can’t really comment on the code (as I’m learning myself) but it looks pretty good. Clearly defined sections. I would maybe make the title “Elon Musk” a bit more special, perhaps just a bit bigger and bold, and then the “The real Tony Stark” title a bit smaller. Maybe use different fonts for each. “Elon Musk” is your “hero title” so it can stand out a bit more.