Is possible to use .reduce until a condition is met?

freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Sum All Odd Fibonacci Numbers

I tried doing the exercise with .reduce to get the sum until it was <= num but it didn’t work. I have noticed in the different answers that they first get the array with the odd numbers that meet the condition and then add it.
What I was trying to do is apply .reduce to an array with odd numbers <= num (perhaps it was not the focus of the exercise) but it raised me the doubt that if .reduce can be stopped when meeting a condition.
Thank you, sorry for my English and I am a beginner. :smile:

Hi @psanchezp31 !

It would help to see your code.

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Thank you. This was an attempt:

function sumFibs(num) {
var i = 1;
var odds =[1];

const fibonacci = odds.reduce(function(accumulator, currentValue) {
  var sum = accumulator + currentValue
  if(sum <= num){
    return sum
  return fibonacci


I can see two ways to use reduce. One way would be what you have here - filtering out the evens. Of course, you could also use a filter method for that. The other option would be to just use reduce and if the current is odd, return the sum of the accumulator and current - if the current is even, just return the accumulator - that would keep the even numbers out of the sum because only odds are added to the accumulator.

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