Is Python going to be an option?

Is freeCodeCamp going to offer Python at some point?

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Thank you so much! We are starting to teach Python at my school. We have used the website in our web design classes and the content is so good. I would love to see Python added. I am about three months into learning it but I would love to help any way I can. I also agree that we should focus on science, data, and AI type subjects.


Python is fun to program in. Definitely learn it!
Here are some resources:

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It’s looking like a possibility in the near future but it will take some time to write and QA curriculum for Python. One day though there will likely be Python curriculum on freeCodeCamp :slight_smile:

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Forum thread: Let’s all build a comprehensive interactive Python curriculum together
If you would like to be part of the planning and development of the Python curriculum, please subscribe to this GitHub Issue

Top recommended free resources

-Learn Python The Hard Way(currently 2.7 but 3.6 coming)
-Dive Into Python(2.7)
-Dive Into Python 3(3.6)

It looks like the issue that you referenced has a lot of great background on the plan and context, but has also been closed in favor of the new repository and issue here:

If that is not accurate let me know as assisting in the development of the Python curriculum is something that I would like to assist with.

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That’s correct they closed the issue as it’s a huge project so making an extra repository to get the things started makes more sense at least in my eyes.

Thanks for letting me know that my link is out of date! I’ll update my macros.

I’m a Python programmer, and I’m willing to contribute content - programming problems, whatever.

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