Is React.js so necessary in real world?

the react is most stupid something what I can see, its one day and I even type one sign. Facebook dizajn stink. If it use react it 's like intel Inside warning in some times for me. How you finally convert in code pen? I maked in Jquery, when i notice in video say in must be in react. even a table leader is better job in jquery. I hope I didn’t must recode in these stupid framework. who use that? two companies? it’s goes to trash of history with them. The easier path always win.
It’s awfull, and the same task is done with jquery. anybodu sue that. I think, no .


I understand your pain, but there are things that React can do that jQuery cannot. You also need to be aware that React is not for all projects, it’s not a single solution to fit all requirements. It’s just another front end library that has its benefits and disadvantages.

Now about popularity, I’m afraid React is pretty much everywhere. It’s one of the major competitors in the front end along with Angular and Vue. You can probably find multiple comparisons and stats in google. On a quick search I was able to find you this:

So answering your specific question: React is NOT necessary in the real world, but a lot of companies use it, so at least some familiarity with it is always welcome. Definitely, I would advise you to play around with either React, Angular and Vue. Ideally with the three, so if you’re asked in an interview you can explain the differences and which one you found the best and why.


did some 99,99 % customers cares, if the looks and productivity is the same? and for react you need spent a lot of much time in the project. I spent 16 hours only with eslint and JShint. It will be nice if some special lesson was before that.The support for react is really poor, even the breakpoints with chrome is better as anything else in vs code. and there is diff in videos and texts. In text is nothing say about about react. And I cannot figure out what is meaning by SaSS, if there is only one html component, so css is also empty. is hard configure in vs code so I pass that. and how can I know I must use VUE? I use Tablesorter instead, because it’s said use any library you need., and that was relativity easier way, because I must study the functionality.
this is in react
and you cannot do the maintain so quickly, because it is build version
as in Jquery
The idea of framewework is stupid, because they only copy the exiting other css and put together with JS and make it chaos. The visibilty and maintability is history I thin they again after one or two years figure it’s stupid from beginning… the classic html,css, js is together so you need in react one guy with all these abilities. that is the hard point. and finnaly the build code is just Js code, so why they create new stuff bootstrap -react panel, if they could make some optimization in current 3 state? I just see in video what SAS, so if you know the creator of web Sass so beat him for me, beacuse there a lot of text of nothing and they could simply say dobn§t use te backets and semicolon.

I think you’re approaching the framework from the wrong perspective. You don’t have to compile your React code in order to put it into CodePen.
FCC also have a video intro to React and you can also check out the documentation and examples.

In the end, you don’t have to use it, but I believe you’re making yourself a disfavor if you don’t understand why it’s useful and the current top Javascript framework in the market.

By comparison, is like saying that a BMW is just an overpriced car because you can do the same with a 15 year old Twingo. Yes, both cars can take you from A to B; if you just need to travel, you’re fine with either. You can even ride a bike! But if you need to spend 2000km travelling by car, you’d rather drive something that’s more comfortable and have more features, right? It’s a high level comparison, but I hope it will help you to visualize the point.

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The approaching of boys whom definitely looks likes have joint before the fun work.
If you see the build code, you find out is nothing else like optimized javascript.
did Html give on alert hey you need declare rendering twice., no. It’s step back, ins’it?
again can the designer and JS guy work together on project like JS and Html, no they couldnt.
The code in react is three time longer as in Jquery and Html.

One mistake and all crash. Html didnt crash in milions errors.

declarations of var sometime three times and same variable.

first in state, second before render, and third in function .

.Facebook has terrible looks is like from 1995. I still don’t get it how this company is so popular.

Is bootstrap exist and they nothing do else, but converting them?
There is only one advantage the you cannot handle with refreshing of elements.

What are you talking about?


My experience has been different. After two months of job hunting, I’ve seen a lot of Angular, React and jQuery, but no Vue. Many industry apps take years to develop, and many companies are still using older technology.

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tell me these guys have no indications about using joint.
In about 3:00 am I understand what is principle of react. It is like some supervision collects of variables, which wait until is changed and then changing the specific element, which is step from html, jqeury. I am sure it can be done more easy. I think they realized that after or soon and that is also step to another framework. That is life. I know is in all projects when get it some function is the same so what one just remove. and if the SASS web creator read this, on first site must be concept in three lines. remove brackets and semicolons. How hard is that?

And if you know someone Stephen Mayeux give him special thanks from me. I cannot change opinion of react without his videos.

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You are arguing as if library/framework or any other tool defines who you are for years to come. Choose the best tool for the job at hand, especially if you are doing freelance work. Clients will rarely care how the website was built, as long as it has functionality and design that they are expecting.

If your goal is to be employed by company that works in teams, you do not have much choice. Various teams work with different tool chains and you will be expected to adapt to the existing rules and adopt frameworks and libraries that company and team uses. The best way to prepare for that is to get yourself familiar with what is out there. Build a few things with most popular frameworks to see how it compares, understand conceptual differences and explain them. If you have solid fundamentals and know how to learn - you will be fine.

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without critics there is no progress. Did you sometimes ask why is for cyclus most popular ?I remember the some afraid when Pascal and turboPascal come in 90, that the autors of code have no free and everything will looks the same. I read about that sometimes about 2000. I programing for 7 years and maybe today I understand what is word object in coding. if there is no subject in coding, or it is. Why we use academics Aristoteles terminology if, the box is more accurate. Every child has association what is box, but ask people what is object? they said definitions, but they not understand.

There are rules of man brain.

rules of three. In any approach use more than two and half items. no man can hold more. But you can make category of category which have also 2.5 max items. That is recept of for cyclus you have.

there is for if and sometimes else or combination else if.
for could each and in
the success of popularity is first of five minutes, don’t waste the time to marketing.
say what is state, say Why is that. and show what happened if don’t use them. the knowing of how is only five percent of knowledge.
let him try is really that. Described why choose hard way.
finally to debugger of react must be implemented what you remove and which dates, because most of times I spent with find the right combination of libraries to work in codepen, the links in react don’t work with nothing.
all tools must be predictable, universalitcs, don’t put in your react individual sign.
Each React project takes 180 mb, that is something unthinkable.

If found out, the react build code is pure JS functions.
in one blog I compare revolutions of electricity with coding.

Most people thing there is only one type of elektricians,.
In reality there are plenty types of electricians! semi, low voltage, high voltage, very high voltage, auto electricians
but use + and - because every accept that as the axioms.
Nobody tells we called something else and if you dislike get out.

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Why are you using codepen to work with react? Codepen is great and all, but it wasn’t built with react in mind. Use instead. If you keep beating a nail with a sock, you’ll think the nail is broken.

Now as for the bundle size, it’s not really a problem since react is cached in cdn’s. And with react’s popularity it will most likely be cached by the user already. That’s the benefit of going with a well known framework.

Speaking about frameworks, react is not one. It is a view library. You still have to work with other libraries to make it complete.

The interesting thing about react is that unlike angular or vue which are based on html, react is based only on javascript. So really how good you are in using it only depends on your knowledge of javascript. Not to mention the unidirectional data flow which they popularized, and every other major framework has now shifted towards adopting.

Easier with jquery? Heard of Netflix? Instagram? Dropbox? Or any site like the ones mentioned here or here.

I’d like to see how you would build a webapp like these, not a website but a highly dynamic, interactive site with just jquery and easily maintain it through week long sprints and years of maintenance, across hundreds of devs. So yes, using react (or another major framework - vue, preact, angular) has become a necessity if you wish to make complex apps people want to use.

Just because you find it difficult to use to build a simple app does not mean your methods will scale with what end users expect from modern webapps.


In fact the only advantages react are, they are not using whole libraries small trick, refreshing only changed element, You can build all sites you said with jquery, you possible with fast web don’t notice the difference.
dropbox if you have in your box ten files you really don’t see the difference. The problems are photos, you mus’nt refreshing all so the the web is faster, but the modern?
In Netflix I don’ see advantage if you when some surf about videos.
The Facebook, amazon had most awfull design in whole world, that don’t look like modern web or good retro.

I see that diff. when the reality show the solution with Jquery is slow refactor to same framework.
What I say is that could be with improvements done in html render. Whom use the these hard framework if this will be realized?

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The fact you think that you can build a Netflix clone easily with jquery means you still have little grasp of these web app’s underlying architecture. In other words, you think that what you see is all that is required to be coded.

Please take a look at this video, then tell me if you can really build a Netflix clone with jquery. There’s alot more going on besides putting up some html and carousels.

And when you’re done watching, read this Netflix employee explain why they use react for a landing page.

So yeah. There are way more moving parts than just the pixels you see on the screen.

Don’t confuse visual design with architectural design. Frontend devs are required to do almost as much code logic as backend now. Logic that jquery isn’t good for. That’s the future of web development.

Would you like a simple challenge? Build a Netflix landing page clone, using the employees specs mentioned in the post. And yes, also serving 200 countries like he said. That should help convince you.

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This may be very unpopular opinion but… majority of the internet/websites don’t need React (or JS for that matter)…

However, it’s trendy and everyone is using it without thinking whether there could be a better tool for the job, sigh…


This may be very unpopular opinion but… majority of the internet/websites don’t need React (or JS for that matter)…

It’s not an unpopular opinion actually. Most everyone agrees to use the right tool for the job. What that tools are will be open to debate of course.

The discrepancy lies when the word website is substituted for webapp. The two are mutally exclusive, yet with end users expecting more richer experiences, people have resorted to calling anything that has html and JS a webapp.

I once met a dev who wrote 300 lines of jquery code (newlines included) and called it a webapp. :man_facepalming:

However, it’s trendy and everyone is using it without thinking whether there could be a better tool for the job, sigh…

To say that people use it because it’s trendy minimizes the importance of the coding best practices that these frameworks impose. It’s no secret that JS and jquery can easily lead to spaghetti code. Most of that was due to the lack of standards surrounding web development pre-framework days. React, angular, vue, etc impose a stricter structure, leading to better work.

Besides, for simple websites and blogs end users can use squarespace or the like. The days of making big bucks setting up wordpress sites is over. On this end, frameworks prove even more valuable. Small companies and freelancers can now survive with lower quotes by reusing components across different projects, allowing them to deliver work quicker with less resources.


Sometimes programators overrated their work. Sorry I have made comma checker and there are plenty of unpredictable action and counter reactions., but is true it takes 22 months in free times. check the final here
I this year I absolved the code con and there was problem of promisifications and is true it has not very nice and understandable non-logic coding, scratching on left side head with right foot. I rather in Jquery give up. and make copy of functions. Yeah he show that he had long if code to handle promise, but look at the build code for react app. I put him in codepen takes for15 second to be active again. and JQeury have 50 lines.
Future of coding winning the most simple approach and react didn’t have one. The popularity should be based on preformatted solutions, but when you need something new it, is no easy work to not broke whole web. I am new in react, but how they handle the priority in state?
Do anybody know why is html rendering only on reload and if cannot be rework as react to partial rendering or switch between two state. Who decide about it?

honestly, jobs require it. If you want a job that requires then you have to learn it.

I highly recommend you do not use codepen for react. I spent most of last year struggling to get it to work properly. Use Trust me, you’ll have a better experience using react with it.

I am new in react, but how they handle the priority in state

This is the beauty of react. You don’t have to worry about state priority. You just code it like you already have everything you need at that very moment. This is important because:

React has uni-directional data flow. That means that the state data lives at the top component, and can only be used by it’s children. But only the parent can change it.

At any point in time, you have a “snapshot” of the state, and you don’t have to worry about it changing while you work on it

This means that if you want to change data, you have to “call” to the parent component and tell it to do that. You do this by either passing a function down as props, or by using redux and then you dispatch an action to update state.

That’s what functional declarative programming is, and is very different from jquery.

Do anybody know why is html rendering only on reload and if cannot be rework as react to partial rendering or switch between two state. Who decide about it?

You don’t have to worry about when the page renders. Just write what you want the component to look like when it gets the data. React will partially render the page for you whenever props or state changes.

So to recap, all you should do is:

  • get the data and store it in state
  • tell react where the state lives
  • write your jsx to look how you want the final result to look like. For example see code below

React will then handle all the in-between steps for you.

Future of coding winning the most simple approach and react didn’t have one.

Once you wrap your head around the fact that you don’t need to monitor state transitions anymore, you’ll find react to be easier and faster than jquery to use.


Here I show you how you just “tell” react what you want (declarative programming). React handles all the in-between dom state transitions for you.

class MyComponent extends React.Component {
  constructor(props) {
    this.state = {  // <--- 1. Here you tell react where your state lives
      error: null,
      isLoaded: false,
      items: []

  componentDidMount() {
    fetch("") // <--- 2. Fetch data only after 
      .then(res => res.json())            //       the component has mounted
        (result) => {
          this.setState({ // <--- 3. Update state with new data if successful
            isLoaded: true,
            items: result.items
        (error) => {
          this.setState({ // <--- 4. Update state if an error occurs
            isLoaded: true,

  render() {
    const { error, isLoaded, items } = this.state;
    if (error) {
      //  5. If an error occurs, show me this
      return <div>Error: {error.message}</div>; 

    } else if (!isLoaded) {
    // 6. If the data is loading, show me this
      return <div>Loading...</div>; 
    } else {

     // 7. If successful getting data, show me this
      return (               
          { => (
            <li key={}>
              {} {item.price}
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for others o.k. basics tutorial. I have already camper leaderboard programed. why in hell tutorial show harder way to Onclick?

function ActionLink() {
  function handleClick(e) {
    console.log('The link was clicked.');

  return (
    <a href="#" onClick={handleClick}>
      Click me
if there is simple way
onClick={(event) => this.g()}

there isn’t official steps to obtain IDo clicked element. what I found was really hard. so I found own easy.

onClick= {(event)=> this.pick_data(}

why they named const as props-requisite? if prop si property I don’t get it ? it’s not property. property is color, isn’t it?
And these strange names scary me. why not called Rconst?
the whole concept is like mixing vba classes, e. handle and JS.I never used classes I don’t see an advantage of that.

you use

constructor(props) {
this.state =
But nobody used it
I don’ get it if there is simple, the react say do it the hard way.
state ={

Replying from Ireland here, I mention my home country because I think thats important, I finished all the legacy data viz / react projects and wasn’t crazy on react but got through it. On starting the second half off the back end projects I decided to learn angular, why? Well, looking at jobs here there just isn’t that many people looking for candidates with react skills yet, it’s all angular. And that’s probably different depending on where you come from. But Im glad I know a little react now, plus the learning curve is much steeper on other frameworks so react definitely helped with being a solid introduction to the framework concept.