Is Something Wrong with Discourse?

Hello all,

This is what I am seeing:


I have disabled all of my extensions. Nothing has changed with my setup, recently.

Same here, though it happened after clearing the cache… same result on opera and chrome (on linux).

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I don’t see that, however my version of the forum seemed to have gone from “dark theme” to “light theme”. Unsure if this is related to recent changes, or something unrelated.

Sorry for the delay folks. Discourse team updated our instance and our themes have a query that is deprecated now. Hence the themes broke.

I have disabled our custom themse while we investgate and fix this.

Thanks for your patience.


Just noticed that the nav bar is hidden for some reason until I pressed the = to open the hamburger menu and try to login. By clicking in the area where the buttons typically appear did not reveal them.

Upon page load to

After pressing = to open hamburger menu:

Made this post public for benefit of all.