Quick updates to the forum

We’ve made a few improvements to the freeCodeCamp forum:

Improvement #1. By default you’ll see the “category” view when you first arrive at forum.freecodecamp.org.

You can customize this the Interface area of preferences.

Improvement #2 We’ve simplified the navigation.

If you want to sort new posts by “New” and “Unread” posts, you can still access them from your menu dropdown:


Improvement #3. You can now see who is active on the forum at any given moment, and how many people are on.

We have lots of other improvements in store. Let me know your thoughts on these!


Think it would be nice to have also a submenu with all categories to be able to choose a particular default one.

Thanks for the feedback. As far as I can tell, Discourse doesn’t make it possible to set a default category, but you could bookmark a specific category. For example, you could bookmark https://forum.freecodecamp.org/c/getting-a-developer-job to see that category by default.

I’m missing the unread count. Even by switching to the /latest/ layout, it’s still hidden in the menu, not visible in the header any more.

The unread count is visible in the dropdown menu (the three horizontal bars).

Yes, that’s what I said.

Any chance getting the p tag to be 1.1em?

At the current 1em (14px), it’s a bit too small and a strain to read.

You made things even cooler!