Is something wrong with grading?

In the " Override All Other Styles by using Important" challenge, initially placed “!Important” at the top of the code, in the style declaration for

          .pink-text {
           color: pink;

Which gave the desired output of pink for the header 4 text. When I submit the solution, everything is checked except for -

          // running tests
          Your pink-text class declaration should have the !important keyword to 
           override all other declarations.
           // tests completed
                            *I don't understand why.*

Here is my code so far:


  body {

    background-color: black;

    font-family: monospace;

    color: green;


  #orange-text {

    color: orange;


  .pink-text {

    color: pink !Important;


  .blue-text {

    color: blue;



<h1 id="orange-text" class="pink-text blue-text" style="color: white">Hello World!</h1>

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Hola como estás?
Probaste escribiendo !important con i minúscula?

Hi how are you?
You tried typing !important with lowercase i?

It was as simple as using lowercase.

But, is the grading case sensitive, or is it CSS? I would think I’d get bad output if it was the CSS.

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Technically, CSS properties are not case sensitive in most situations (or maybe all of them, I don’t have time to research if there are exceptions). So in this case, it is the tests that are case sensitive.

Realistically, everyone uses all lowercase for CSS properties and you will probably get funny looks if you don’t follow this convention as well. So I would just make it a habit to always use all lowercase for CSS properties.

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Got’cha - and thanks. It was working and nothing else did, or even made sense. I thought I was going crazy. :slight_smile:

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