Is there a better way to write my code (post request express+mongoose promise)

I don’t like the way I’m writing this promise because i feel like there might be better way to write it here is my code

 try {
    const thread = await
    let updatedboard = await Board.findOne({"boardName":board})
    const firstUpdate = await Board.findOneAndUpdate({"boardName":board}, {$push:{"threads":thread}, $set:{"totalThreads":updatedboard.threads.length+1}})
    updatedboard = await Board.findOne({"boardName":board})
      catch(err) { 

First I save my newly created thread model into a document and also store it as a variable (I understand I don’t need to save it here), I then have to find the document so I can reference the document when I’m updating it, this is where i wonder if there is a better method to get the data i need so instead of finding the same document twice i can just find and update it.