Is there a Java tutorial on this website?

I wanted to know whether this site has a Java tutorial, both for beginner and intermediate levels. I have not yet able to find a Java tutorial on this site. Please help me.

Hello, DarkEmperor.

All of the tutorials we have are on this page:

Currently, we only have lessons and challenges to do with a MERN Full-Stack Developer, as well as the fundamentals to go with that.

In due course, we are expanding to teach Python, and a Data Science path. Read more about it here:

Otherwise, we do not have any plans for a Java tutorial. However, on this forum, there are many Java developers who could help with certain queries you may have.

Hope this helps

I recommend to also look for some tutorials out there besides FCC path. Here is quite good to practice and you see what you did in a blink plus some explanations but ofc it cannot be explained in depth some stuff because the console it s quite tiny. IMO you need a deep understanding of every language and being able to practice is like a bonus.

FreeCodeCamp offers a few Java tutorials on the youtube channel:

Intro to Java Programming - Course for Absolute Beginners

Learn Java 8 - Full Tutorial for Beginners

Spring Boot Tutorial for Beginners (Java Framework)