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Hello, i am new to computer programming and I am a little bit confuse of the layout of FreeCodeCamp.

I tired other sites like codeacademy and they had an interface where you can chose what language to learn and etc. Does FreeCodeCamp have something like that?

I heard great things about freecodecamp and would love to give it a chance, plus its FREE so what the heck. can someone please assist and point me to the right direction?

I’m very interested in JAVA and would like to start out with that first.

thanks in advance!

Free Code Camp only really has one “path,” but you can jump around to the parts you’re interested in on the map.

thank you. i appreciate the response. i will start from the beginning and go from there.

I don’t believe FreeCodeCamp touches on Java at all. Back-End development is still all Javascript using nodejs.

Do you happen to know what list of coding FCC touches base on?

HTML, CSS, Javascript. I would say the main focus is definitely on javascript. You do learn how to communicate with servers, and how to run Javascript on servers, though.

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it also has some react, d3, and database (mongo).