Is there a way to help code camp that doesn't involve money?

Can I get help on these 2 things?

  1. Couldn’t find how do a linked reply yet - how do I make a linked reply? :sob:

  2. I want to make a very significant non-financial donation of labor/volunteer time to make FCC better. AKA I want to pay FCC back for the knowledge they have shared with me but have no money. It first starts with a conversation on what FreeCodeCamp needs. How do I make that happen?

I saw this post

Blockquote @jane.alex on Donations to FreeCodeCamp Love this website! Want to donate

I’m a marketer turned volunteer marketer and crosses fingers will hopefully be a data analyst or specialist in the near future. I’m starting the data track and am SO thankful for the free access to information.

To be honest, as a woman of color my financial contributions are limited. But I’d like to offer nonprofit/business growth services like: marketing, HR help, financial services. I REALLY believe in what FreeCodeCamp is doing, and I want to give back. I have TONS of knowledge I’d love to give for FREE. I think the first step is a conversation on what FreeCodeCamp needs. How do I make that happen?

I know this sounds wacky AF - who the hell offers $5,000+ worth of services for FREE?!? What’s the catch?!. No, I’m not trying to get paid via this relationship (though if you know of resources that can help me, please send along friends!) and no, I’m not trying to sell anything. To be frank, I’m unemployed, unfulfilled yet motivated AF and would like something to devote my time to.

Instead of getting paid, I just want to live a happy life where I learn code and live around people I like :woman_shrugging: I feel like some people here can agree and point me to resources that help. Thanks for reading <3


We are mainly volunteers here. If you want to contribute to FCC, check out You will find all the ways you can contribute on that site.

It is not in the link from RandellDawson, but there is an other way you can contribute: FreeCodeCamp is developing open source softwares for no profit organisations, you can contribute there too:

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What is it a linked reply? English is not my native language so if you explain a bit more maybe I can answer

Just paste a link to another post and that’ll do it. Like this, I just pasted a link to another post (has nothing to do with this thread, just an example):

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Thank you all for your help!