Is there a way to make change in a page of freecodecamp website?

I notice an issue in the navigability of the page about certifications, here is the link:

The issue with the navigability is that when you are in the mid or bottom of the page, the side bar is automatically placed at the top. So if I want to go in a link near the one I was seeing, I have to scroll down again to the place I was.

I would like to know if I could make changes in this part of the website page. I searched in github, but could not find the place that I could do a fork to then make a pull request.

I appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

Free Code Camp is open source and its success is due to the community members like yourself who contribute. You can find the Contributing Guide on the Free Code Camp GitHub Repo.

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I was not sure if I could change (propose changes) to the freecodecamp’s website itself. Although I have made some pull requests for the contents, guides, solution to challenges.

I recommend creating a GitHub Issue so that contributors (including yourself) can discuss the best solution. Then you can make the change or someone else can take up ownership of the Issue.

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