Forum's TOS in need of a bit of an update

The TOS for the forums are in need of a bit of an update. All the links still read as “”, the ones I checked DO go to the correct page though.

FCC Forums TOS

Nitpicking I know…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Working on it, but that command line is very scary :sweat: All new to me.

Privacy policy and Code of Conduct pages are the same. Have most of it fixed already, but stuck trying to find where it pulls the header labels from for those pages. My search-fu is failing me there :disappointed:

NVM…moment of idiocy there

2 PRs made…time to wait and see what part of the process I messed up.

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Thanks for both finding and fixing an issue!

Someone else fixed the TOS page, who also saw an issue I didn’t; but it was a cool (and more than a little confusing at times) learning experience. Now to see what I can do better on my next PR (meaning what I need to fix on these 2 PRs) :sweat::sweat:

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Hi there - I made the changes because changes all of the spacing making it very difficult to track which changes are actually made. If you’re interested in getting started with contributing to freeCodeCamp but are not sure how to contribute code - I recommend contributing articles to the Guides Project ( If you need to, feel free to private message me and I’ll help you get your first PR merged :slight_smile:

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I just didn’t want to take credit for something zi didn’t know ( in this case, the actual fix). I am okay with making mistakes.

Not sure why the spacing was affected, and didn’t notice it on my end. I changed something I didn’t see, so it is quite likely the same mistake was repeated in the other two page fixes. Time to do some reading and searching to double check how I did things on my end.

The entire spacing of the page was altered which would have caused confusion to whoever reviewed your PR. What editor are you using? (some automatically change the formatting, others require you to press a button). We can give you advice on avoiding this from happening in the future. As I said earlier though feel free to message me if you’d like one on one help getting started with contributing to a freeCodeCamp Project on GitHub :slight_smile:

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I was using Notepad++. I think the best thing for me to is to cancel my two current PRs, and restart the process, going a bit slower and double checking everything. Once I get to the point I am ready to submit the PR again I will fire off a PM.