Correcting Spanish Curriculum

I initiated a pull request on Github to correct one of the challenges from the Spanish version (keywords like for, let, return, function…Or others like global when talking about scope, are translated by an obvious translation tool and so the code won’t run at all when modifying these keywords). But I’m greeted with this message:

“An owner of this repository has limited the ability to open a pull request to users that have contributed to this repository in the past.”

I would like to be able to contribute by correcting some of the Spanish challenges (I’m a native speaker).

My Github username is: SergiOca87

Thanks a lot!

@Sergi-O I’m afraid we’ve been having a lot of spam PRs recently, so contribution has been (temporarily) restricted to only those who have contributed in the past year. It should not be for too long.

Oh, it would be a nice initiative to allow contribution to freecodecamp for the Hacktoberfest. While I suppose spam would double, it could also a nice incentive for people who has never contributed to open source and maybe easy pull request like correcting translations and things like that could get done easilly within this month. Anyway, thanks for your answer.

In previous years, freeCodeCamp has been absolutely overwhelmed during Hacktoberfest and the repository maintainers have had to spend months dealing with the aftermath.

@Sergi-O We had 24K+ PRs last October. Only about 45% of those were merged. The other 55% were mostly extremely low effort PRs and SPAM. It took us about 10 months to review through all of those PRs. With more than half of our time wasted last year and the fact that we already started getting many junk PRs today, the decision was made to temporarily restrict the repo.

There are thousands of other repos which are desperately seeking contributions that will allow users to get a free shirt.

Oh wow, I didn’t know it was that bad, totally understandable. I’ll try to contribute after October.

Hi @Sergi-O

Sorry about that message, we had enabled limits, that has been removed now. Feel free to work on pull-requests.

Other than freeCodeCamp, there are a lot of awesome projects that you can contribute to. Here is a resource that will help you:

Happy contributing.