Is there demand for personalized coaching of FreeCodeCampers?


I’m an experienced software developer (not in the JavaScript field) and have been helping someone do the FreeCodeCamp exercises for several months.

It works like this:

  1. We connect using TeamViewer and Skype so that I can see his screen and work on his computer (after his permission).

  2. Then we open the page with the exercise and I explain it to the student (translate it to German – the mother tongue of my student).

  3. Then he tries to implement the exercise.

  4. If there are any difficulties, I help him, e. g. by explaining a certain concept visually (like writing a piece of code that manipulates arrays and then visually showing him, how the data moves as a result of that code).

My impression is that my help is useful for this particular student in several ways (motivating him to show up and do the work, preventing him from thinking he is too stupid for programming, make sure that he actually understands the exercise texts). I also like this activity (explaining things to him and see, how he makes progress partially thanks to my help).

However, this particular student is a special case (pre-teen, a relative of mine). I also did some exercises on FreeCodeCamp and most of them were rather easy (but I’ve been working as a software developer all my life, therefore I’m not representative).

Therefore my question: Are there any FreeCodeCampers (apart from my student), who would find such coaching useful?

In other words: Is there anybody here, who

a) repeatedly thought “I’d love someone (a human) to help me with this FreeCodeCamp exercise/challenge” and
b) speaks English or German


Thanks in advance

Dmitri Pisarenko

P. S.: This is not an ad. By posting this question I’m not saying that I’m offering such services.

I have helped others out and continue to do so. We use Screenhero and Google Hangouts as well as the ones you mention.


This is (sort of) on point, but sorry for hijacking the thread. I think having a tutor/mentor is a really good thing and something I am actively looking for now that I am starting to branch out of FreeCodeCamp and the courses I have done on Udemy, and starting to practice projects on my own.

I have been tempted to use Fiverr for this, but fear that the quality might not be as good (due to price). If anyone has any suggestions on how I can look for an online mentor then that would be great!


I could help you. Feel free to contact me via a PM here or using e-mail dp (at) altruix (dot) co.

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