Is there not an fCC chat that is active and alive anymore?

Currently they give freeCodeCamp Chat as the active chat platform - found in this article: The New freeCodeCamp Chat Room System – Simple, Secure, Self-hosted

  • I can’t figure out where to go to just chat about a current challenge I’m working on and a problem I’m having with it. I know there is the forum but I don’t want to use that. I remember fCC chat rooms used to be lively! Now, I don’t even know if this is the right platform to be on. This is only the second time coming to this platform for me - the first time I went into #ask-a-moderator and noticed there were days between responses.

  • Is there any fCC chat that is active and alive like the old days?

  • If so, where?

  • There are days between responses here (and this is a watercooler / talk about whatever type of room)

  • Are the old chat platforms still in use? Maybe everyone is over there?

If there currently exists somewhere that people are actually chatting then I would like to go there. Personally, I don’t care if its the current platform or not I just want to chat with people like we used to do.

Hi @blahboybaz !

IMO, I feel like the forum and discord channels are the most active.
Then the next place would be reddit.


Yup. The most active place is the forum. Posts get replies fast. The second most active is the Discord. Third the chat, fourth Reddit, as far as I’ve seen.



Extra words so the forum will let me post this = “…for letting me know that - I appreciate that”

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