Is this a good book?

I’m struggling with how to start coding projects. I never know what variables I need, frameworks, what to look for when I’m stuck etc. I know that it is good practice to sketch out on a piece of paper how the algorithm will look like, but even that doesn’t seem enough.

Is this book any good?: Software Project Management: A Unified Framework

Or should I look for other resources?

Well, it could be a good book but the things you need vary a lot and no book can totally describe a project scaffolding and needs. You should study your project first and after that decide which libraries and frameworks fit best with it

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I don’t have that particular book, but I do have other books by that publisher in that OO series. They are good books, but they are typically quite old, and they are more applicable to large software engineering software projects and not necessarily web development. It gets really confusing with all the different methodologies and types of software projects. I think that particular book is meant more for something like a software manager that is trying to squeeze all the dollars out of his/her project and make his team more efficient. I think you are searching for a methodology to plan and organize a project before you actually dive in. This is a good article that accomplishes that. Keep in mind, there are many many ways to do this.

Another - I have only started this course, but in the early stages it also defines a methodology to plan and organize a project before you get started. It is based on ASP.NET:

And one more:

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If you are stuck, chances are you haven’t gotten enough practice. Try doing a lot of basic coding projects even if it gets repetitive.

At some point through repetition, something will click and you will get it. The books are great, but don’t replace practice with books.

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