Best books / courses on learning how to format med / large sized JS projects?

Hi all,

I have a pretty common problem that happens every time I start a new project. Generally the first 100 lines or so of code I write is understandable and manageable, but as soon as things grow and other features get added on, it starts to get seriously messy very quickly.

I’ve tried reading a few books on JS coding, basically they teach a ton about the language features and some general design patterns to use, but my biggest problem is that there are never any good and practical examples to use.

I’m just after some good books or resources that teach how to manage larger code bases, whether that is using a design pattern or not, but just a general take on how to “think about coding/architecture before even coding”.

Does anyone have some websites/books/courses in mind?

One decent book I’ve started atm is called Programming Javascript Applications.

It’s pretty easy to follow and quite useful :slight_smile:

Check out “The Pragmatic Programmer” – lots of insights, tips and advice about the whole approach. – not specifically JS coding.
70 useful tips (some say common sense, but not so common) explained in 320+ pages. It’s old (1999) so some parts are outdated, but the truth still holds.

On Amazon, “The Pragmatic Programmer”, “Clean Code” and “Code Complete” are frequently bought together.

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Thank you, that’s an awesome start, I appreciate the help!

btw I found the book for free here -->


Oh wow. 25th printing, 2010. Would be interesting to compare this with my First Edition, 1999 copy to see what changed if any.

Yeah and it’s crazy that it can be found for free online when it’s like $30+ on Amazon…

Being able to find a book for “free online” doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily legal, or ethical, or both. Of all the technical books that are released every year, only a fraction of them are released under “creative commons” licensing where it’s ok for anyone to share and re-share PDF versions of a book. Otherwise, it’s considered a breach of the license for anyone to share a PDF version of a book that can be downloaded without a purchase.

Of course it’s “free” since you don’t have to shell out money to download a PDF that’s been made available illegally, but you really shouldn’t download these files if you want to support the author(s). Give them money and buy a copy of a book (whether in print or an e-book), because otherwise all you’re doing is basically encouraging “piracy” of technical books.

Yeah I agree, but its hard not to take a look when it comes up at the top of the page when I google search it.