Good intermediate beginner JS books?

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So I’m looking for more advanced JS books (not geared at absolute beginner), but not intermediate level yet either.
Maybe something that is aimed at an intermediate beginner that moves the reader towards being a advanced beginner or intermediate level coder?

When I’m going through pages and pages of js books, they are mostly either aimed at absolute beginner or too far advanced .

Eloquent JavaScript is a good book.

But I’m not sure if we can find a book that fits your description. Then closest we can get I think is something that starts with the basics but moves into intermediate things.

Basically, once you learn the basics of the syntax of JS, you’re learning deeper, more generic coding concepts, that transcend specific languages - things like memoization, recursion, algorithms, clean code, modularization, etc. - they are not specific to JS but span many languages.

There are more advanced topics in JS - then you get into books like the YDKJS series (which gets into the nitty-gritty of how JS works) or JavaScript Allongé (which if I remember correctly gets into some more advanced patterns.) I like Cracking the Coding Interview for a good overview algorithms. It is in Java, but the concepts are the same. (And you can find people’s JS solutions online.)

But suggestion is to learn the fundamental syntax. Then just start building things - you will run into a JS problem and find a solution. You will read other people’s solutions and learn from them. In think that once you understand the basics of JS, just start using it and areas where you need more work will reveal themselves, then you can look online for specific articles/videos that explain those topics. I used to also just go to the library and check out books on JS and skim them to see if they discussed anything I didn’t understand so I could identify holes I might have in my knowledge.


I type this out about twice a day. :slight_smile: It really helps connect the abstract language to something you can actually use.

Beginning Javascript, by McPeak, Wilton

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Whenever I hear a “developer book” question, I almost always answer with the same suggestion.

The Phoenix Project which isn’t actually about programming. Its actually a novel about DevOps.

The reason why I suggest it is because reading about programming can get rather dry, but a book about a fictional business falling apart due to mis-management, where IT becomes the hero of the story, which is actually based on actual business DevOps principles and research is the sort of read that keeps you invested and learn a bunch of stuff at the same time.

Its one thing it learn the practical knowledge to do stuff, its another to learn about the overall business process of IT in a large corporation. Yes its a fictional story, but its written as a story of a multitude of actual businesses who ended up moving to DevOps.

The main reason why I suggest it is simply because its a good novel that is a fun read, regardless of how much you actually know programming or even tech. Its great as a refresher from the grind, while at the same time still learning about some relevant stuff :smiley:

The book also has a sequel, The Unicorn Project which follows a programmer that was affected by the Phoenix Project. It might be more approachable for developers, but I find both to be good for anyone in IT.

Lots to read out there!

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