JavaScript book for absolute beginner

I could not find a good print BOOK for learning JavaScript. I Googled but most books seem to assume that you have some programming experience and don’t teach from the ground up. They ‘assume’ you should know how this does this and how to make certain things happen right off the bat. I have no programming experience except know how to write in HTML and CSS. I would like to practice alongside the book and be able to build projects and reach an intermediate level of proficiency. Could you please point me to some books for absolute beginners learning JavaScript? Please note that the book should follow the latest ECMAScript standard since they keep on adding and removing features. Thank you! Please don’t suggest Eloquent or YDKJS they are not ideal for beginners as they are for programmers with experience (a little). Basically a book that is recent, teaches basics concepts with no presumed knowledge on reader’s part, absolute- beginner (beginner to programming and beginner to JavaScript, having never written code before) friendly, in print (offline) of Amazon

This is the answer you were looking for:
“JavaScript for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming”
Don’t judge its name, the book covers quite advanced topics.

Smh, It uses JQuery which is not ideal.

I am a fan of “A Smarter Way To Learn JavaScript”. Some exercises could need an update, but it does a great job of teaching the basics, very readable and with good online exercises as well.

Thanks. Someone finally who does not recommend Eloquent or You don’t know JS book series. Eloquent is for beginners to JS, not beginners to javascript and programming, aka, me. You don’t know JS is a book for intermediate JS devs. Now, except “A Smarter Way To Learn JavaScript” is head first good?

Haven’t read it, sorry.

I suggest Eloquent JavaScript

I said in my question "Please don’t suggest Eloquent "

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Oh sorry, I didn’t read all the paragraph, my bad.

Hi, I am not an expert in javascript although I think i can give some recommendations:

  • Youtube: When I was starting it was difficult to find a good book but I found a better option “Youtube”, especially in javascript is an excellent option, if you read in a book something like “open the console of the browser” it could be difficult to understand, but if you see a video they probably will open “the console of the browser” at the same time, so you do not have to worry about searching “Where is the console of the browser?”

Note: Reproduce the video with the maximum quality that you can (you can do this in the options in the bottom part of the vide), so you can see the code

  • latest ECMAScript: Do not try to learn the last "ECMAScript"in a very short term is a “abbreviation” like “Dr.” with "Doctor, so if you do not know the meaning of “Doctor”, will only confuse you

  • Languaje: It is like your native languaje,when you was a child you only “learn” words and after that you learn “the correct form”

Any questions you can tell me

Only book suggestions needed

Jon Duckett’s JavaScript and jQuery is just a bit old since it was published in 2014, but I wouldn’t call it totally obsolete either. Don’t write it off just because it’s a bit dated, would call it a great book for learning JS if you’re new to it.

Actually, there are no beginner JS books, I already did some research and I didn’t find the best book for the absolute beginners. I think the documentation is the better way to go or MDN

I read Head First JavaScript by Elisabeth Robson and Eric Freeman. I thought it was pretty good. And U liked JavaScript for kids by Nick Morgan.

Pick your choice.


I checked this preview out. If it does what it say then it is value for money and good for a beginner. Most sources like to say they cover all stages, like from basic to abstract, but this author states that this book is not for advance users. That says a lot. I recommend it highly.

Key to learning code is repetition and constant reference to passed concepts, and it seems to be a core style of this author.

The Head First Javascript Programming book helped me get out of tutorial hell. I can’t recommend it enough. After finishing it, you’ll be versed in most ES5 concepts. It’s the best beginner friendly books I’ve read so far.

I will recommend reading “JavaScript: The Definitive Guide” , by David Flanagan**