Which physical book to learn JavaScript from for absolute beginners who only know HTML and CSS?

Hi. I am new to this amazing beginner friendly community. I know HTML/CSS and now trying to learn JavaScript. It would be my first ever “real” programming language. I would like some suggestions of books that teach from bottom-up, from the basics all the way up to more advanced things. I searched up beginner books but many of them seem to assume one or more of (A) You know the basics of JavaScript (B) You are a programmer coming to JavaScript from some other language © You know the fundamentals of programming. Some books for instance that operate under these assumptions or are too terse for me are Eloquent JavaScript, The Good Parts, You Don’t Know JS, Speaking JS, The Definitive Guide. My aim is to be able to learn React/Angular after learning JS and be able to build web apps and websites. What physical print book recommendation would you thus give to a complete novice to programming and JavaScript (I don’t know the fundamentals of programming and don’t know any programming language or JavaScript) who only has HTML/CSS basics down? The book should start from the absolute fundamentals/basics of JavaScript and follow ES6 or later and thus published after June 2015 (recent) when ES6 was finalized.

My advice would be to learn basics of JavaScript here on freeCodeCamp and read book or take a course about general programming fundamentals (non JS-specific).

What if I 100% need and want a javascript introductory book?


You could ask “forum search” they are some threads on the subject :slight_smile:

Note / JavaScript book for absolute beginner

Then I would suggest Eloquent JavaScript


I checked it but they recommend es5 books. I need es6 book @Groucha

Exploring ES6

But I’m doubt it is “beg friendly”

So learn basics from an old es5 book like a smarter way to learn javascript or head first javascript AND then read exploring es6? @Groucha

I don’t know I’m still a beg, like you, I React but I don’t know much more about javascript, es6, or an-glu-ar (isn’t it a cool lapsus?)

But, I had the same question about THE book, I dig a lot, find plenty of absolutely wonderful books where I understand…not so much (yet) and I saw that there are other people who share same questions (and a kind of same non-really-answer-continue-to-move)

FCC cursus is complete to an intro (and not an outdated one) and to apprehend concepts and logical mind so maybe you could have a look on the javascript certification (where there is an ES6 part) and then you dig the ways deeper for the ones you have interest

But well, at the end, I don’t know what are your purposes and what you want to do with that stuff so…:slight_smile:

What does “same non-really-answer-continue-to-move)” mean? @Groucha

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It means that no clear answer at the question of THE beg book so continue to search
Note / And it was some not same haha

But should I learn basics from an old es5 book like a smarter way to learn javascript or head first javascript AND then read exploring es6? @Groucha

" ECMAScript is a standardized version of JavaScript with the goal of unifying the language’s specifications and features. As all major browsers and JavaScript-runtimes follow this specification, the term ECMAScript is interchangeable with the term JavaScript ."


Yes but can I use es5 javascript book to learn basics and then use an es6 book to learn es6 (javascript)? @Groucha

I haven’t actually read it but The JavaScript Way looks pretty beginner-friendly. Maybe check it out and see what you think.

You may find books like Eloquent JavaScript terse, but I would suggest keeping an open mind about it. It does have somewhat of a CS style of teaching to it, but expecting programming books to be “easy” is probably not the right mental attitude to take either.

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Thanks so much @lasjorg but any other recent ES6 PHYSICAL print JavaScript books for complete beginners who only know HTML and CSS.

Thanks for the ref (btw) !

I was just asking @Groucha can I use es5 javascript book to learn basics and then use an es6 book to learn es6 (javascript)?

Do what you feel is good for you :slight_smile:
I give you my salt, Laslorg and Snigo too so…

You asked 4 times the same question, I don’t know maybe someone else could help…
Note/ Is there a trap or something ?

I think one of the problems you’re having with finding the right book is you are asking too much from one book. It sounds like you have very little (if any) experience with a programming language and thus you need something for an absolute novice. These books are out there but don’t expect them to include everything to make you an expert as well. I think you are going to need to buy at least two books. The first is the one you are looking for now (for a complete novice) and then once you are comfortable with that you can get a second book that covers more advanced topics.

I just searched Amazon real quick and found a book for beginners that is getting good reviews, ‘JavaScript for beginners’ by Matthew Python. Just published in Feb. 2020, so it will be up to date as far as syntax goes. Only 228 pages, so not overwhelming. The table of contents looks like it just covers the basics to get you started. It’s only $21.35, so not too much of a dent in the pocket book.

So that’s my recommendation, stop trying to find the perfect book and just bite the bullet on an introductory book, learn as much as you can from it, and then buy a more encompassing book when you are ready for more.