Opinions on this Javascript book

I was looking to buy this book in helping to learn Javascript but one of the recent reviews says that because the book only covers to ES5 it is basically horribly out of date and no good. Is it still worth having even if it doesn’t cover ES6? If it isn’t worth getting, can you recommend something else (i’m new to javascript but not new to general programming).

Javascript: the Definitive Guide

I have no idea about that book, but if you want something free to get a feeling of the language there is the You Don’t Know Javascript Series. Free on github, but if you want a phisical copy you need to pay. I have just started it, you can find the books here

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I’m sure there are plenty of good stuff you can get out of it. Also knowing ES5 really well before learning ES6 will not only make you appreciate it more but it will help with your understanding of some of the new features (like understanding prototypal inheritance helps your understanding of how the class keyword actually works behind the scene). But books that are not online and constantly maintained will always fall behind, that is just a fact.

Here are a few more books


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