Javascript The Definitive Guide still relevant

Hi everyone, is Javascript The Definitive Guide 6th edition published in 2011 still relevant and worth reading?

David Flanagan is a good technical wirter (but he’s not writing anymore I guess). If you’re a beginner, you’ll probably be overwhelmed but it’s the most comprehensive book on Javascript afaik. However it lacks recent features (ES6 and later).

I read some of his explanation about constructors and he explained it well compared to other available resources. In fact, I think it is worth reading as Vanilla JS will pave the way to better understanding of JS frameworks and libraries.

The issue it was published in 2011, so is it still worth reading? Is it still relevant? If not any other detailed guide?

I found this link in reddit it helpful, if you have more insight let me know

As I said the book is good, its author is top-notch (MIT graduate), yes it’s worth reading, but you won’t be done when you finish it, you’ll have to resort to other resources for ES6+ features.
Core JS has not changed, it’s still prototypal inheritance based and the class and constructor are just syntactic sugar around it.
Know that there’s no one true book/resource to learn it all in this field.You’ll have to sift through seemingly endless garbage of info and musings from self-proclaimed authors.