Learning routine of programming and textbook resource for Javascript

Good morning all.
Is there any specific routine to study programming :thinking:.
Through just reading textbooks and coding or Through coding task Through websiteand platforms?
*i do well with textbooks so is there any recommendations (rather than eloquent)

“programming” is a broad subject, it also is similar to math where practicing and experience is the best routine to learning it. This means going out and building things, and learning from the experience.

Coding through online resources like freeCodeCamp can give you an idea of what sort of things you can do, but it’s when you go out and build something on your own is when you’ll learn the most. FreeCodeCamp’s projects are an example of this.

There are a number of text books out there for different specific topics, from algorithms, to software engineering, to broad topics like how networking works, to specific stuff like “cracking the coding interview”. Seeking out a specific category will net you better answers on which ones to read. As there’s a lot to read, some of which might not be important to you at all ;D

There is one area of textbooks I’d try to avoid and that’s books on specific technologies, frameworks and libraries even books on a specific language all run into the same problem Time. I have a few books on Java, Python, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I consider them not very useful because since I bought them all of these technologies got updated, and now the information within them is dated.

Lots of what is mentioned in these books is still relevant, but they all overlook what current trends are and look like. This is in comparison with online resources which can more easily be updated over time. It’s because of this the official docs online are usually the best starting point.

If you do get books on a specific topic, that topic should be more “timeless”, like data structures and algorithms, or you get a new one that you’ll read as a reference material in the short term.

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HI @Mahmoud-Moustafa-Ahm !

Everybody is going to differ on how they choose to study because it depends on what works best for their learning method.

I personally think it is healthy to have a mix of passive and active learning.
Reading books, articles or watching videos is good but you also need to put it into practice and build stuff.

Eloquent javascript is interesting because there is value in that book but I would not consider it to be a beginner level book at all.
The You Don’t know JS series is really good

Start with the beginner materials.

In general, books can be tricky because tech moves so quickly and books can become out of date.
I would choose books that cover general concepts for the base languages like html, css, and javascript instead of trying to read books on libraries and frameworks like react or angular.

Also, books on general programming practices, architecture and design is good because those don’t go out of date.

I have the hardcopy of that book and liked it.

The original book is in java and c but I think there is a version for javascript out there for the coding exercises.

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Totally agree with you in passive and active learning abd that what i do and looking for. Books provided me more explanation about the code and its own functions rather than platforms ,yas its good onely in fundamentals but its still good to me , you’re recommended book "you don’tknow js " its really cool thanx

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