JavaScript Programming books vs MDN guides?

Hey i was wondering which resources is more useful? I want to get deeper knowledge of JavaScript so which resource you guys will recommend? Books, MDN guides or both?

Just use JS. FCC tasks and projects helps you with usage subjects.
You can read books along the way and use MDN ad hoc, while coding projects or doing challenges.


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That’s exactly what you’re asking here, books are 100+ pages of not just code, but also insight and best practices. MDN is JS documentation, that’s all.

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I’ve been using this book along with FCC. Each chapter takes 5-10 minutes to read followed by 20 exercises on the author’s site. It’s been working well for me


MDN is well known for providing great Javascript documentation, but I was surprised to learn that it can offer a lot more!

For example, I’ve recently come across this series that explains and offers tutorials on Node.js / Express:

It even offers some really good insight on Mongo and Mongoose, providing explanations that I couldn’t get from the Mongo / Mongoose official docs.


That’s great to know

Books are not a great way to learn coding because you have to switch contexts constantly between written English and written Javascript. I prefer video courses. Listen to English. Look at the code. Much easier on the brain.


yeah, on our generation video courses are better than Books.

Practice makes perfect. MDN and 100,000 other guides are always useful.

I don’t know if we are the same generation! Personally I love reading. My degree is in English. And reading is a great way to learn in many fields. But for coding, video courses have too many advantages to ignore.

I use the linkedn course its amazing! Also there is a great javascript book if you want I can send you =)

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I’d like to get the name of that book gokcepaz!


I found this book is a great resource to get a bigger picture of JS. It helped me a lot to become much more confident with JS along with FCC tasks :slight_smile:


Sure! The name of the book is called ‘‘Javascript - The good parts’’ A really really experienced developer sent it to me and I can give it to you via mail if you text me :wink: Also I want developer friends so text me either way everyone =)


oh another tip…Aside from freecodeacademy, try treehouse it solved all my dilemmas about javascript, the path they build for you is super clear as well so you dont stop and think ‘ohh…what should I learn now ?’