Help With Learning (Effective method for learning coding?)

Hi, I started learning coding on freeCodeCamp and I am on Applied Visual Design section of the curriculum. My question is what is the best way to learn coding? Should I remember every code? Or is it just about understanding the topic and what the code does? The way I am learning now is I am reading 2-3 topics do the challenge and then write it in codePen and repeat couple of times and then every two days I recap what I learnt by doing quick coding on codePen. Is this going to take long this way or should I just do the challenge and move on ?

You need to understand what you are doing - if what you are doing is effective for you, than keep doing it

Just remember that you can’t remember all the features of a language, and eventually you will have to search outside of the curriculum of any course you do and start exploring documentation- which is also where you should search if you don’t remember some methods or syntax

Also using the documentation is a skill a developer should learn

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Thank you for replying. Which documentation should I use in your opinion?

You can just use google and see what it comes up, but the MDN can be a good source for various things taught here. And stackoverflow, which is a place where developers go to search for help, if doing a google search you get a thread there as a result, take a look. There are many threads that link other sources if you do a quick search in this forum too

Thanks. So the more efficient way to learn would be to just understand what the language can do and use documentation like mdn?

It’s up to you - if you do projects like adviced to learn you will end learning the most common things anyway

Okay, thanks for the info. Do you recommend using Bootstrap or should I learn everything by myself?

Like all languages and libraries and frameworks, bootstrap is a tool - it is appropriate to learn if it is needed in something you are building

Do you need an hammer if you don’t have a nail?